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About Beijing Xloong Technologies Co.,Ltd

Set up in May 2015, XLOONG is a high-tech company based in Beijing China. Specializing in research, development and sales of intelligent spectacles, XLOONG focuses on augmented reality (AR) technology to provide customers solutions that can be widely used in industry, tourism, education, medication, military and mass consumption, etc.
The company has completed its first generation product XLOONG movement intelligent glasses of research, development, mass production and launch in one year. It has accumulated a number of core technology and patents, also acquired a hundred million investment by IPO companies such as BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.,, Luxshare Precision Industry Co., Ltd.,etc. Xloong is a leading company in AR field in China.

  • about ar glasses

    We want to get rid of the monotonous life style. We want to have fun, and play with something different. The AR glasses have emerged to change our life. Therefore, we sincerely hope that this product brings you many more benefits as it liberates your hands, allowing you to connect with the world, anywhere anytime.

  • about xloong

    XLOONG’s LOGO consists of two magnets attracting each other. This is symbolic of XLOONG’s spiritual purpose: exploring unknown fields. XLOONG believes that their products will be lead by a team that has passion and curious minds in regards to unknown fields. Under the magic of these magnets, they will get together and fight shoulder to shoulder for their shared values and the dreams of the future, persevering until the end to further develop the products' innovative capacity.

Enterprise culture

Ambitious: Ambition is the motivating power of every human action. We will make it happen and it will be bigger and better than ever, otherwise we will not do it. It doesn’t make any sense to do it half heartedly.
Responsibility: Be proactive; create long-term plans, work with a sense of responsibility, and complete high quality work.
Aggressive: Work hard for a year instead of relaxed for ten years. To achieve self-worth maximization and financial freedom.
Goal: Clear goals for each year, each month, and each day. To know the meaning of your own work. Do not get confused, pay attention.
Plan: Sense of order, logically reflected by the organization of our work and maximizing or improving work efficiency.
Processes: To have the correct person responsible for execution sequence and make it a priority for everything.
Reward and Punishment: Strictly examine and evaluate the mechanism role and the contribution match benefit. Each employee who makes outstanding contributions to the company's development will be rewarded with more money, equity, and a sense of identity higher than he or she expected.

3 key words you must know about XLOONG

  • Pure

    It is easier to make a variety of things, but very hard to do one thing pragmatically.We are willing to keep our conscience and make a pure, exciting brand with an attitude that conveys its purpose.

  • Passion

    We sometimes ask the question "Only young people have passion?"The answer is no, and we will try our best to create something the workforce loves through everlasting and enduring passion.We are willing to express passion and a youthful heart by doing something we love and make it the enterprise of a lifetime.

  • Exploration

    Life is full of endless exploration. We are willing to try our best to make better products for the future. Tomorrow is a mystery and can create endless possibilities for all.

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